Hi, I’m Janosh, a 20-something who’s probably spent too much time in education with too little to show for it, but I’m happy with who I am as a person, I feel I bring joy and to those around me, and I hope to continue to do so well into the future.

I was born and raised within the United States, more specifically San Francisco. For nearly the past decade I’ve been living in Aachen, Germany. I’ve been asked the question many times “Why Aachen?”, and my response has changed with time. At first I’d say “Well, to experience somewhere away from home”, and then, “well I’ve gotten used to more of the European way of living” (by which I mean more public transport, nicer, smaller, cafés, and less worrying about firearms.) While those are still somewhat true (Although I’d add that I now consider Aachen to be home, at least a home), now the reason is entirely rooted in the people. My friends, all of whom I love dearly, and don’t get to see nearly enough of, consistently surprise me in the caliber of people they are, and make me strive to improve myself and live up to the high standard they set.

My goal is to always be able to provide wonderful people a good time and a place to feel welcome and share in communal joys of laughing, eating, and thinking. I’ll continue to find my path to get there, but I hope my will to do so never wanes.